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Capt. Joseph Robinson Col Foote Inspection Greensburg barracks
Capt. Joseph Robinson was selected by Col. John C. Groome in 1905, to serve as one of the first four Troop Commanding Officers.
In 1937, Col. Percy W. Foote Inspected the Penna. Motor Police Trainees at the Training School.
Greensburg barracks. One of the first four Pennsylvania State Police Troop Headquarters.
(circa 1905)
Prison Riot New Recruits Gov. Samuel W. Pennypacker
Pennsylvania State Police march out of the Philidelphia Eastern State Penitentiary after stopping a riot. (circa 1933)
Privates, Charles T. Smith, Henry Hilton, Homer V. Chambers and George W. Haas were the first Pennsylvania State Constabulary recruits.
(circa 1905)
In 1905, Governor Samuel W. Pennypacker signed Senate Bill 278, an act creating the Department of State Police, the first of its kind in the country.
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